We Have A Hate List

You may notice a little button up there, on the dock. It says “The Hate List.” Congratulations if you just confirmed that. You can read. You’re probably really attractive, and make all the girls want to go out to milkshakes with you. Click it if you want. We’ll update it fairly regularly, as there are lots of things to hate. 

The First Post: How Not To Do It

Isaac wrote at 4:03 PM:

So, I guess we should think about our first post’s topic. Unless this is the first post, which would be pretty ‘meta.’ We could probably do the whole blog just about blogging… about blogs that critique other blogs. Until we DIE OF THIRST AND STARVATION. Like real men used to do in the 1930s with their blogs.

Cole wrote at 4:04 PM:

Why did you email this to me?

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